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Who We Are

Clinical Evaluations is a multi-disciplinary medico-legal assessment firm specialising in assessing the impact to an individual’s health status following an injury and reporting upon their impairments and their fitness and capacity for work. Assessment focus is on the assessment of: impact on daily living and domestic care assistance needs; past, current and future economic damages; past, current and future treatment needs; and past current and future care needs.

We employ a fair and ethical neutrality in the reporting process and our assessors conduct Independent Medical Examinations for injured parties, insurers and employers.

Our Philosophy

To maintain our trusted reputation as the fairest and most ethical service provider in independent medico-legal assessments.

We have a multidisciplinary team encompassing a holistic approach to understanding injuries and their impact on an individual’s health care status.

Our Services

Clinical Evaluations is a trusted medico legal service provider for legal firms, employers and injured workers. Whether it is an urgent report, a short report, a tailored report or some good old fashioned service and advice, the team at Clinical Evaluations are here to deliver “spot on” medico-legal advice when you need it most. We understand each individual circumstance may be unique and develop tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

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